Interior Business Glass Services

Glass covered towering skyscrapers often look sleek and beautiful. These aesthetic designs are now being incorporated by business owners in remodeling the interior of their commercial buildings or building modern ones.

Our glass window walls are trendy designs which have found their way into office décor, constantly forcing conventional walls out the door. Whether you’re building a modern office or you intend to remodel an old one, our team of commercial glass experts would assist you in getting exactly what you want.

Why Choose The Los Angeles Glass Company for Design and Installation of Your Glass Window Walls?

  • Provision of Quality Construction Glass and Installation Process

    Our glass window products include tempered, bullet-proof, laminated, and annealed glasses available in various colors and thickness.

  • Experience and Expertise
    Our expert crews are highly dedicated to ensuring they match your demands in terms of glass window walls installation. While our technical department helps review your plans of glazing your office, we also ensure we meet up with your deadlines and financial budget.
  • Quality Performance and Durability
    The Los Angeles Glass Company prides herself in the provision of glass windows which serves both the purpose of design and also protection from bad weather, fire, noise, and reduction in energy bills
    It is safe to conclude that window walls bring a sleek design of natural beauty and sunshine to your office. Call The Los Angeles Glass Company today for your convenient design appointment.


Do you want an elegant, sophisticated, and open-looking partition for your offices and conference rooms, or you’re looking to improve your commercial building décor through installation of glass curtain walls and interior glass dividers but do not know how to go about it?

Don’t worry, the Los Angeles Glass Company (LAGC) has got you fully covered.

At LAGC, we provide various types of glass curtain walls which are specifically designed to meet individual preferences. You don’t have to worry about durability and strength as our glass curtain walls consists of opaque or glazed panels fixed to an aluminum frame. These aluminum-framed glass curtain walls and glass partitions are trademarks of modern day architectural designs spanning back to the late 1930’s where the Second World War led to their increased popularity and widespread acceptance.

Why You Should Contact the Los Angeles Glass Company for your Glass Curtain Walls and Interior Glass Dividers

  • Creates a feeling of Transparency, Visual Expansion, and Vastness

Imagine walking into an office where you can view the vast four walls of office building, your colleagues, and virtually everything happening around while the office all through a glass divider while still maintaining your personal space. Amazing isn’t it?

100% Safe and Reliable

So many people perceive glass as a fragile material which doesn’t possess the strength of conventional walls. However, the Los Angeles Glass Company (LAGC) makes use of laminated or tempered glasses which are durable and environmentally friendly.

  • Increases Natural Light and Saves Energy Costs

If you want your office to be well illuminated with natural light, Los Angeles Glass Company makes it very possible with their transparent interior glass dividers.

Less Noise, More Comfort

Most people are particularly concerned about the soundproofing capabilities of glass walls and interior glass partitions. Glasses from the Los Angeles Glass Company have been designed to provide sound insulation ranging from 20 – 30 decibels. Rest assured you’ll achieve maximum comfort after installation of the glass walls or interior glass dividers.

  • Minimal Cost of Creating Space

Creating partitions or various spaces in your commercial building doesn’t really have to be stressful or expensive. The Los Angeles Glass Company can conveniently install glass walls or dividers in your office within the shortest

Ultimately, at the Los Angeles Glass Company, we aim to provide glass solutions for you such as glass curtain walls and interior glass dividers on a while considering your budget and ensuring prompt service delivery.

Commercial Glass Canopies

The Los Angeles Company can design and install a glass canopy for your business or commercial property.

Glass Canopies are used for rain or sun protection for storefronts or shopping centers as awnings for the customers. The generally consist of a aluminum overhead awning and supports that are then covered in glass panels to provide cover for the entrance of stores or commercial buildings.

The aesthetics of a glass canopy gives a clean and open look to the design of the storefront entrance and also provides a cover for your customers if it is raining.

We have over 20 years’ experience in design and insulation of all types of business glass canopies as well as interior glass dividers and railings in the Los Angeles area.

Call Los Angeles Glass Company for reliable, trustworthy, and experienced commercial glass design and installation in the Los Angeles area.