Retail spaces in Orange County are diverse, and interior glass can helps make a retail space into a statement area your customers love to visit. A commercial glass installer can help you plan the space and install the right high-quality glass products.

Why Choose Commercial Glass in Los Angeles?

Glass is a stylish material that can make statements in your retail space. Using glass also conveys your company’s values, like transparency and progress, to your customers without you needing to say a word.

Places a Los Angeles Commercial Glass Installer Can Put Glass Up


Before customers enter your store, they see your storefront. Using glass from an Orange County commercial glass installer in this first impression is a great option, especially if your retail space can attract walk-in customers.


Glass displays help your space feel more open and allow better light circulation than traditional shelving units. You can also use glass to highlight specific products and draw the customer’s eyes, even if you don’t sell jewelry.

Section Dividers

If your retail space has more than one section, you could also use interior glass as section dividers. When done correctly by an Orange County commercial glass installer, this method fills your store with light while also helping your customers navigate.

Consultation Offices

Consultation offices are staples in various industries, from high-end boutiques to building material showrooms. Whether you want closed offices or ones open to the main space, choosing the right interior glass products can help create your client experience.


Checkout is another area that can benefit from interior glass in Orange County. Commercial glass installers can create areas in glass for checkout to minimize the noise from the rest of the space or protect customer privacy, benefiting your customer experience.

Changing Rooms

While glass changing rooms are not conventional, many options offer the privacy necessary while allowing light to flow in your retail space. Ask your commercial glass installer for a complete list of options.

Management Offices

Glass can also be used for management offices. Whether a single glass wall to keep on top of operations or an entire glass office to demonstrate transparency, glass offices are trendy and can become a feature in your space.

Artwork for the Walls

While you may have many ideas for designing the walls of your Orange County retail space, interior glass is another option to consider. Glass art can take many forms, and a professional commercial glass installer can help you find something that matches your needs.

Stairway Rails

If you have a two or more story retail space, glass stair rails and other pieces can help maintain the open feel of the space. This type of glass often complements other types used elsewhere in the store, helping the space’s cohesion.

Are you ready to see how the right interior glass products can change your retail space? Contact The LA Glass Company today to see what Orange County’s premier commercial glass installers can put in.