Tinted glass has many uses, and it’s always been a popular choice in particular niches. For example, you have probably seen it on buildings that require privacy. However, tinted glass from a professional glass company can help almost any business in Los Angeles.

What is Tinted Glass and Where Can You See It in Los Angeles?

When you think of tinted glass, cars first come to mind. However, you also see tinted glass on and in buildings across Los Angeles. Tinted glass is ordinary glass that’s received a treatment or film to alter what it transmits. The tint comes in many grades, so you may not even notice the tint.

Why Use Tinted Glass from a Los Angeles Commercial Glass Installer

Energy Savings

Tinted glass does more than change the color of the window. It limits the radiant transmissions into and out of the space, which means the building absorbs less of the sun’s heat. That provides energy savings since the climate control does not have to work as hard once the Los Angeles glass installer tints the windows.


Tinted glass from a reputable Los Angeles glass company also adds privacy to your commercial space, whether it’s a store, an office, or a warehouse. The tint limits the visual transmittance between the outside and inside areas, which lets you conduct your business how it needs to be conducted.

UV Exposure

The sun’s UV rays are bad for people and objects, so adding tint helps protect both. In people, extended UV exposure, even through a window, can cause sunburns and skin problems. With objects, extended UV exposure can cause color fade and deterioration over time, which can limit their value to customers.


In a commercial space, comfortable employees and customers are good for business. Having a Los Angeles glass installer add tint to your windows helps keep the interior of your commercial space comfortable year-round. It also reduces glare on screens, which is vital for most businesses.


Tinted glass also enhances security for your commercial property. People cannot see into your space and, therefore, cannot assess the value of breaking in. Combined with other security measures, tinted glass from a reputable glass company serves as an excellent deterrent.


Window tint is a durable solution, especially for coating integrated during the manufacturing process. High-quality solutions from a reputable glass company can last a decade or more with proper care, and the tint should look good the entire time. Reapplication is also a straightforward process.

Low Maintenance

Tinted windows are low maintenance and can be cleaned on the same schedule as un-tinted glass. No special products are required, and most professional glass cleaners in Los Angeles handle tinted glass daily. This low maintenance threshold helps your business thrive.


Tinted glass also provides a particular aesthetic. For example, designers can use tinted glass to add architectural interest to the property’s exterior, or you can do all of your property’s windows in tinted glass for a sleek, modern look that many customers find attractive regardless of your business niche.

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