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Glass for Spas and Medi Spas in Los Angeles

Modern spas and medispas need to create both a modern and relaxing environment. Using commercial glass throughout your Los Angeles building is a great way to achieve these goals while still remaining easy to clean for operations. There are many areas in your spa where glass is a great option.

Reception Areas

Reception areas provide the first impression for your business, and a Los Angeles glass contractor can help you design a stunning entrance. Using glass like this indicates to your customers that they have chosen a location that uses the most recent techniques.

Whether you’re thinking of a complete glass entrance or only using glass elements like tabletops, glass provides a modern feel. Glass also indicates the transparency of your spa business to customers.


Showers are often part of the relaxing and rejuvenating experience, especially if your spa or medispa offers full body treatments. Glass is, therefore, an easy-to-sanitize option that looks fantastic for showers.

Whether you’re envisioning a communal space as part of the experience or individual bathrooms, glass provides a versatile material. A Los Angeles glass contractor can help you install unique glass options like frosted or privacy glass to match your needs.


In a mild climate like Los Angeles, the right commercial glass panes can help maximize how much of the year you can provide treatments in these rooms. In addition, with many of your clients seeking a natural experience, the right glass in the windows helps deliver that atmosphere.

Even if you are not planning on a true sunroom, the right windows can make an enormous difference in the feel and light levels of the room. Talk to a professional glass contractor today to find out more about your glass options.

Room Dividers

Glass can make a fantastic room divider if you want to use it for bigger spaces. Options like acoustic and frosted glass can provide the necessary privacy while creating a more open feel for your spa or medispa.

Using glass as room dividers limits the closed-in feeling that often comes with treatment rooms since glass allows so much light through. It’s beneficial if you’re starting with a single open room, like a storefront.

Glass Ceilings

Glass ceilings allow so much light into your Los Angeles commercial space and help create an open feeling. Plus, glass ceilings are often a focal point or feature for your spa space, which adds a layer to your branding.

Glass ceilings can be transformative, but they do require a specialized Los Angeles glass contractor to ensure they will last. These additions to your spa or medispa may require additional engineering support.

Walled Pools

If you own your spa space or have an extended lease, a walled pool with glass can be a focal feature. A pool has many practical uses, from relaxing to helping your customers through movement.

With a walled pool, you can use as much or as little glass as you like. There are walled pools with wholly glass sides, and there are ones with viewing windows to accent the rest of the space. Working with pool and glass contracting specialists can yield amazing results.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is also an option for your spa or medispa. Tinted glass with designs, etched glass, whimsically frosted glass, and more are all great options to add more glass to your commercial space.

A reputable Los Angeles glass contractor should be able to walk you through the design and installation processes so that your space looks exactly how you want it to. From small pieces to feature walls, commercial glass is an option.

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