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Creating a Custom Commercial Entry in Pacific Palisades

Entryways are part of your business’s first impression, and a good impression can make a difference in whether a customer purchases. Updating your entryway with commercial glass and other options creates that impression on your Pacific Palisades customers.

Update the Exterior Look

Before people arrive at your building entryway, they must walk up to your door. Depending on your commercial space in Pacific Palisades, this could be anything from an empty parking lot to an elaborate garden. Making updates, no matter your situation, makes a big difference.

In the case of shopping centers, you might consider live plants outside the door or adding a glass canopy. If you control the property in front of your commercial space, you have more options, like landscaping or designing a new path.

Use Branding on Floors and Walls

Branding covers logos, colors, aesthetics, and more. Your entryway should deploy your brand wherever feasible in your entry. From the paint on the walls to the look of the doors, it’s a big job.

Fortunately, some tricks make it a little easier. For example, branding the mats in your entryway is a great option. Another option is bringing in a commercial glass company to add your logo to doors and plaques.

Let in Natural Light

You’ve heard about the benefits of natural light in any space. Using commercial glass can help you let in more light so that your entryway shines, and the right arrangement is transformative, even if it’s simply replacing existing windows.

You may also want to consider commercial glass mirrors to compliment natural light. A commercial glass company can help you find the right mirror products to maximize the light reflected in your entryway.

Keep Everything Organized

Your entryway requires organization, no matter what industry you operate in. From sign-in logs to receptionist desks to security to a simple lobby, if there is too much in the space or it looks cluttered, customers will wonder about other aspects of your business.

You can curate your entryway items, use hidden storage solutions, and clean regularly. The key to this working for your company is minimizing what needs to be in your entryway while still providing exceptional service.

Offer Comfortable Seating

Unless you’re operating a self-service commercial space, like a shop or gym, chances are someone will end up waiting for service at least a few times a day. Comfortable seating can make that wait better.

Generally, if you’re planning to offer seating, you should opt for something comfortably cushioned and ergonomically designed. Uncomfortable seating can be worse than no seating at all when it comes to keeping people in the mood to buy or meet.

Use Visually Appealing Signage

Signage is critical for your business, from a simple welcome to directing people to the right part of your Pacific Palisades commercial space. Commercial glass is a modern and practical option to provide this signage.

Commercial glass offers many signage options, each offering numerous looks to match your company’s brand. Visually appealing signage is one thing most people take in, so it’s important to take this opportunity to make an impression.

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