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Adding Modern Interior Design with Glass Elements in Huntington Beach

Presenting a professional image is critical regardless of your business in Huntington Beach. Modern design is one option to convey that, and the style is currently trendy. A commercial glass contractor can provide all the glass elements you need to set up your space.

Office Division

Glass dividers are a modern, low-footprint option for any commercial space. Glass dividers are popular because they provide a clean look, allow more natural light, and take up less space than walls.

Glass walls work for stores, service providers, offices, and more. A reputable glass contractor can also help you make the right customizations for your glass dividers. For example, you may want to frost partway up the partition to provide your employees with a sense of privacy.

Wall Installations

Glass walls are also a statement for your space. Using glass rather than conventional walls allows more light and conveys a sense of transparency to anyone who enters your space. Using glass this way is always an option.

Glass walls are suitable for almost anywhere. You can use glass to encase a stairwell, place it behind a reception desk, make it an office focal point, and do almost anything else you can envision. It just needs to be the correct type of glass.

Modern Wall Art

Glass can also become art, and it’s a versatile medium. A commercial glass contractor can show you the options to change plain glass into art. You can have something truly unique to your space using frosting, etching, and other techniques.

Glass art can be as simple as a logo frosted on the glass. It can also be as complex as a print on glass. Glass can be mounted or displayed almost anywhere in your Huntington Beach commercial space.

Tabletops for Modern Conferencing

Your conference table says a lot about your business. Choosing a glass tabletop is a bold choice that suits a modern design aesthetic. Plus, a glass tabletop becomes the center of your conference room without crowding the space.

A glass tabletop is an opportunity. You can let the glass speak for itself or show off a unique table base on top of all the utility a glass tabletop provides. A professional commercial glass contractor has the resources to obtain the glass tabletop of your vision.

Branding with Glass in Huntington Beach

Glass is a great medium for branding due to its versatility. The glass speaks to modernity, transparency, and other values your brand might strive for. Adding elements to it that represent your brand only drives the point home.

Branding through glass can take many forms. From the shape to what you put on the glass, your brand can shine on this transparent medium. You could even brand using exterior glass to compliment what’s inside your space.

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