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Factors for Determining How Dark to Tint Storefront Windows in Orange County

There are several important factors to consider in determining how dark to tint your storefront windows in Orange County. However, when considering how dark you want to tint your storefront windows in Orange County, you first need to understand what the tint does.

How Does Storefront Window Tint Work?

All tint products work by selectively absorbing or reflecting various parts of the light spectrum. Most tint products use both processes. When choosing a tint, the percentage listed is how much light comes through the window, so a lower tint percentage is darker.

A representative from a reputable commercial glass company will be able to help you to choose the right product, regardless of whether your goal is to decrease the glare from the Orange County sun or to increase the energy efficiency of your storefront.

Factors to Consider in Orange County


There are many reasons to want window tint for your storefront, from privacy to security. A commercial glass company representative can walk you through a selection of options that provide privacy for your interior in your budget.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing storefront window tint in Orange County can often result in the increased energy efficiency of the windows used by your business. Greater energy efficiency leads to lower energy bills throughout the year and more room in your budget.


The glare caused by the Orange County sun can often leave customers feeling uncomfortable, spending less time perusing your goods, and less likely to return. Decreasing the glare through storefront window tint makes everyone more comfortable.


Do you want your storefront windows to make a statement? Even a plain window tint can be part of your store’s branded look. You can also ask the commercial glass company about specialized window tint that includes a graphic design or graffiti resistance.

Sun Exposure

Many products are vulnerable to damage from sun exposure, especially if you have a relatively static inventory. A commercial glass company can offer you window tints designed to protect your merchandise from sun exposure, thus saving you money in multiple ways.

Natural Lighting

The right amount of natural lighting can make your store warm and welcoming. A well-chosen storefront window tint in Orange County can leave you with the perfect amount of natural light while limiting UV radiation’s effects. A professional representative can help you find the right balance with a tint to leave your store feeling open.

Are you ready to add tint to your storefront windows? Contact Los Angeles Glass Company, a local commercial glass company, to discuss your options for storefront window tint in Orange County.